SVMI presented during the "New Life" project kick-off meeting in Turkey


On 27 - 28 October DIAN participated in the Kick-off meeting of the project “NewLife” in Turkey. The project "New Life" has similar final aims with our project SVMI.

During the meeting the participants from Malta, Turkey, and Portugal were informed about the progress of our project, its results and outcomes.

The participants expressed their interest in receiving information about the “SVMI” progress. They also hope that the final products of SVMI will be complimentary to the products of the “NewLife” project.

Mr. Panos Milios who represented DIAN in that meeting promised to them that he will inform them and will help them to have access to SVMI’s final products. Two of the participants, partners of “NewLife” expressed their interest to participate in our final event in Vilnius and Mr. Milios promised to help them to realize their wish.