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30 November 2020 / 140

EU Highlights:

  • The fourth edition of the Canada-EU Migration Platform, dedicated to the integration of migrant women, is now out - watch the webinars on EWSI. Stay tuned for the closing event on 18 December, to be streamed live on EWSI.
  • The European Commission presented the new EU Action Plan on Integration and Inclusion (2021-2027) which comes with concrete actions and earmarks funding for initiatives meant to bring inclusion for all.
  • The European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC) published a study projecting the net fiscal impact of immigration in the EU. It found that the increased labour market participation of non-EU migrants could generate large fiscal gains for host countries.
  • Another study by the JRC found that being both a woman and born outside the European Union reduces a person's chance of active participation in the European labour market, even if that person is highly educated.


Latest News

Sweden: Intensive Year programme facilitates integration and employment

The Swedish government introduced the Intensive Year programme for newly arrived asylum seekers, with the goal of securing them employment more quickly . The programme, to be run by the Swedish Public Employment Service, will begin on 15 April 2021 .  The idea is that the programme's...

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Getting refugee and migrant women into the labour market – what works?

The Danish state has launched a new package of information and advice for caseworkers in local administration, focusing on how to tackle the specific challenges that women with refugee and migrant backgrounds are facing when it comes to self sufficiency. Women who came to Demark as refugees,...

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Slovenia: Ombudsman criticises the treatment of detainees at the Postojna Centre for Foreigners

The Ombudsman of the Republic of Slovenia spoke on the new method of placing detainees in containers at the Centre for Foreigners in Postojna. After two visits to the centre in 2020 with his experts, he informed the Ministry of the Interior of his findings and, after receiving their response,...

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France: Accès aux droits pour les personnes étrangères dans le cadre de l'état d'urgence sanitaire (COVID-19)

La Cimade a interpellé, par un courrier en date du 10 novembre 2020 , les ministères de l'Intérieur et de la Santé, ainsi que la Défenseure des Droits, pour que soient prises des mesures de protection des droits des personnes étrangères,...

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